Finance_Lab is a brand new destination on campus for students to dive deep into their studies in a dynamic and inviting atmosphere. This multi-use space is a vessel to the future of finance education.
Finance_Lab is designed as a balanced mix of space and functionality with the main purpose of supporting interactive online trading, facilitating group work sessions, finding independent focus space, and stumbling upon fellow peers in the school. The range of workstations allows students to freely choose their preferred focus level from early morning thesis writing to afternoon coworking to crunching numbers late into the evening. Our team collaborated with students to create a flexible space on campus that supports their unique needs. 
For this project, Plot Twist Placemaking worked closely with the client and partners to develop the concept straight through to execution. Services included: User Research, Concept Development, Design, and Project Management.
Collaborators included: Studio Kuyvenhoven, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Bloomberg, SilentLab, Vitra, quint-it Raumsysteme, Louis Mayer GmbH, Schumm und Rösch Planen + Einrichten, Lensvelt BV, HAY, Heureka solutions, Tsunami Axis, Imago5, Pedrali
Client: Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

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