As part of Placemaking Week Europe 2023, Plot Twist Placemaking co-facilitated an interactive session where we introduced "Rapid Design Thinking for Vibrant Urban Spaces with Nature and Ecological Solutions." 

Our workshop began with a spotlight on two inspiring case studies from Palermo and Colombes that left our participants buzzing with ideas. Together, we guided the design thinking process, particularly focusing on the ideation phase, and co-created user-centric solutions for a vacant area around the corner from the venue. Participants used the materials provided to conceptualize their ideas and presented their work to the rest of the group. It is incredible to see such creative ideas come-up within a short timeframe. We hope this workshop inspired attendees and prepared them with the tools to apply the design thinking methodology to their next project.

In total, we had 20 participants, including the talented facilitators Kristen, Eulalie, and Kamila, hailing from diverse backgrounds spanning architecture, urban development, and city government.

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