Zen Zone: Fitness for the mind, body and soul​​​​​​​
The project ran in collaboration with Placemaking Europe, Dock and Boogieland [Kick] Boxing Club to create vibrant, social areas through the transformation of parking spaces.

The city of Amsterdam is a bustling place full of life, excitement, and traffic of people (on foot, by bike, car, scooter – you name it). A moment of urban calm and peace in the city is often scarce, but vital to recharge the mind. Zen Zone is a pop-up concept for instant nourishment of the mind, body, and soul. It is a place to chill out – relax, reinvigorate and restore.
The look and feel of Zen Zone are inspired by the elemental design of traditional Zen gardens. Many stones, green patches, and wooden features unify the aesthetic. Gravel stones fill the base of the garden, which is encompassed in a wooden frame. A small pathway leads the participant through the mini garden to a seated place for meditation. A golden rake leans against a larger rock, visitors can choose to rake the gravel if they desire. At Zen Zone, visitors are invited to notice the surrounding senses, earthy smells, and natural sounds around them. They are welcome to explore the magic of this tiny garden, sit and stay for however long they choose.
This installation brought a positive impact on passersby, visitors, and its neighborhood with only a few square meters of usage. Zen Zone is an alternative take on ‘fitness’ and an inviting reminder that mental health is important to practice with intention.

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