A public bench with a purpose.
A Good Place Bench is the physical extension of Good Place, a series of conversations on a public bench, about life and the place you live in.

Cities, municipalities, campuses, corporate environments, student housing networks and cultural locations and more can now get their very own Good Place Bench. 

We design, launch and activate the bench to help facilitate:

A safe space for conversation
Sharing vulnerable life stories helps us connect.

Strengthening social cohesion
A way to meet new people and create more understanding/tolerance.

A social support system
People need help or advice from others, from mental health, fighting loneliness, to life advice.
Join us in building a network of connection and conversation! ​​​​​​​

We’re looking for a
pilot city to start this network and to invite citizens to take part in building a more collective society together.
Do you want a Good Place Bench in your city or want to know more information about it? Contact us!
Team: Robin Cox (A City Made by People), Kristen Zupancic (Plot Twist Placemaking), Aanpact 

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