The Plot Twist Placemaking services are tailored to fit within your real estate development project team for short and long-term collaboration.
Concept Development
Every real estate project needs a clear direction; concept development
is the compass. 
Taking into high consideration the project goals and user needs, Plot Twist Placemaking brings in fresh ideas, inspiration, and direction to craft the concept into a clear deliverable that can be tested and taken to the next stage of the development process. 
Design Processes
Plot Twist Placemaking collaborates with selected partners to transform concepts into design decisions.

Our co-created design process elevates spaces beyond aesthetics; it also supports positive human behaviour on a social, physical, and psychological level. 

Project Management
A proactive approach to project management ensures that planning, procurement, execution, and completion are set up for project success.
To ensure seamless project execution within scope, time, and budget, Plot Twist Placemaking leads project communication amongst collaborators, provides consistent project documentation, and allocates resources accordingly.​​​​​​​

Place-led Development
Transform urban challenges into environmental, social and economic value for real estate developments and surrounding communities.
A customized Place-led Development package by Plot Twist Placemaking is a strategic component for real estate models to thrive in their new and pre-existing environments. It supports a healthy relationship between neighbourhoods, building residents and urban developers.

More information about Place-led Development
“People ignore design 
that ignores people”
- Frank Chimero, The Shape of Design

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