Plot Twist Placemaking contributed to this go-to guide for real estate developers and investors to create inclusive public spaces that bring long-term impact to area development.

At  Plot Twist Placemaking, we are pushing ESG impact at the intersection of commercial real estate and urban development - and that's what makes this knowledge piece so important to share. Oftentimes, we see social impact projects slip through the cracks as budgets become tighter, terminology such as placemaking or place-led development are not fully understood and quick wins overshadow long-term impact. The good news is, this document clears things up and can be used as tool to push forward place-led solutions that are worth the investment for your real estate project.

If you want to unlock the full potential of area development - read this and let us know what you think! We are excited to co-create place-led solutions together.

Our founder, Kristen Zupancic, collaborated on this brochure together with members of the Placemaking Europe Place-led Development Working Group including Clémentine Robert, Hans Karssenberg, Bart Cardinaal and Bartek Schmidt (with the added input from many more experts in the placemaking field!).

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